Technical FAQs

Why can not my recipients see my images?

In KVN Mail, images are not embedded in the email. Newsletters have code that points to the images, which either reside in your KVN Mail pictures folder or on another website, according to your preference. When a recipient opens the email, the newsletter calls the image externally, and it is downloaded to the recipient’s computer. If the recipient is not online, they will see a broken link.

Why are people not getting my emails?

Unfortunately, no email service can guarantee 100% delivery. People change email addresses when they move or leave jobs, auto responders are set up when people are on vacation and spam filters trap messages before they arrive based on key words and phrases in the content. Industry averages for delivery rates are 30-40% for business to business newsletters and 10-15% for consumer newsletters according to our customers. Your message content and your relationship with your list (whether or not they white listed you in their email client) also have a lot to do with successful delivery. With KVN Mail, you are able to see exactly who has opened which email over time and work on improving your open rates. Without a similar tool, you never have any idea who is receiving the email

How do I know if emails that I sent out were actually opened?

KVN Mail provides statistics of sent newsletters and reports the percentage of emails opened per mailshot, how many were sent, how many website click throughs were generated, and who clicked on what links and who actually opened the email. We even enable you to generate or export these addresses as a separate list so that you can target your users based on their click behaviour.

What is a hard-bounce?

A hard bounce is an email message that has been returned to you because the recipient’s address is invalid. A hard bounce might occur because the domain name does not exist, the recipient is unknown, or there is a network problem on the recipient’s end.

What is a soft-bounce?

A soft bounce is an email message that gets as far as the recipient’s mail server, but is bounced back before it reaches the recipient. One of the most common causes for a soft bounce is a full mailbox. This will happen A LOT with your subscribers who use free email services like Yahoo and Hotmail, because they allow for very little email storage.

Does KVN Mail CC (carbon copy) or BCC (blind carbon copy) emails sent to multiple recipients?

No, when sending, each newsletter is addressed and sent individually. This is much more effective. When people see a single stock phrase in the “To” field of the received email, they usually associate it with SPAM.

Can I personalize the emails or use different subject lines?

Yes, we offer a range of personalization functions. You can address the emails to individuals, based on fields you set up in datasets managed in the Manage Subscriber Info area. You can also personalize the subject with a data field representing each individual recipient, such as their name.

Can I do scheduled sends with KVN Mail, choosing the time I wish my newsletter to be sent out?

Yes, scheduled sends are part of KVN Mail’s functionality. They can be sent by hours and days, up to a year ahead.

Can the recipients name appear in the TO field?

The TO field has to contain an email address. If you want to add the recipient’s name, use our customise tool

Can cancel an email once it is sitting in the queue to be sent?

No, only scheduled emails can be cancelled. If an email is sent immediately then the sending cannot be cancelled. Make sure your email is correct before sending it.

Can I add attachments to my email newsletters?

Yes, a download link to the file from your email will be almost the same thing as an attachment. It is also much more likely to get through corporate firewalls. In the editor position your cursor and then choose the Internal Link button (next to the table symbol). Upload your attachment to the Images folder – now select it in the list by clicking the ‘Select’. Enter your link text (e.g. Download it here) and click OK.

How do I set up the auto responder - the automatic email that clients receive when subscribing to my newsletter.

You can set up auto responder text that your clients receive when they subscribe to your email, and when they unsubscribe. (This service may not available in one year validity package)

Can cancel an email once have sent it?

Once an email has sent, it cannot be cancelled. To eliminate this possibility (discovering a mistake or sending to the wrong list) send a Test email to yourself, and double check that the mailing list, subject line and content are correct.

My newsletter was sent successfully, but no one has received it?

This could mean that either our servers are busy, or you have a big file, and downloading could take longer.

Can I download the KVN Mail program and install it?

No, KVN Mail is a hosted application, like Hotmail. It is used online, by logging in with a username and password at dedicated and appropriate url

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