Sales FAQs

What is Email Marketing?

KVN Mail’s email marketing uses the Internet to communicate information about promotions, company offerings, product updates and more. It is a valuable dialogue between a prospective or current customer and a company. KVN Mail’s email marketing is most effective when the recipients are targeted and the information is relevant and timely.

Why would I use Email Marketing?

KVN Mail’s email marketing is more cost effective, and achieves results faster than traditional direct mail marketing. Most importantly, email marketing is twice as effective as traditional direct mail in getting a response from the targeted audience. This may be because of its immediate call-to-action, through “buy now” or “sign up now” links that can be directly embedded in the message. It is ideal for anyone looking to increase revenue, boost sales, generate leads, build brand awareness or shorten sale cycles.

Can my business benefit from online newsletters and special promos?

eMarketer estimates that in 2013 there are 216.6 million email users, representing 89% of total internet users. Given the low cost and high impact value of email marketing, there are no businesses that would not benefit from tapping this market.

How do I start?

Start your email campaign with existing customers and grow your contact list by encouraging recipients to forward your message to others. Include a subscribe button on your Website and ask prospective customers if you can send your newsletter to them. Make sure your collateral includes a reference to your newsletter and consider running a promotion or give away to generate interest. Your list will grow faster than you would have believed.

Do you sell email address lists?

No. Your address lists, or your login email address lists will never be disclosed to third parties. KVN Mail does not sell lists of targeted email addresses. Read our Privacy Policy for full details.

Are stored newsletters, images and mailing lists secured?

KVN Mail is hosted at multiple secured sites. Our hosting providers have state of the art network operation centers providing full security, firewalling, backup, and multi tier, redundant high speed network connections. Our Privacy Policy strictly precludes us from providing personal data to any third party.

Can I migrate my contact lists from another provider to KVN Mail?

Yes. Most email Newsletter software systems allow you to ‘Export’ or download your current contact lists which you can then easily “Bulk Upload” to your KVN Mail account in a CSV format. If you have your contacts in an excel format you can just “Save As” and change the file type to “CSV (Comma delimited)” and then “Bulk Upload the file into KVN Mail via the “Contacts” menu.

What help and support is available?

You will have full access to the online section from within your KVN Mail account including the facility for submitting support questions which will be responded to ASAP. Alternatively you can use our live chat to request more information on our services or if you have any general enquiries.

Do I need any special Software?

No additional software is required as this online email marketing product can be accessed from any Internet connected device using a standard browser such as google chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari etc. It is recommended to be using the latest version of your preferred browser to ensure compatibility.

Do I need any special knowledge to use this product?

KVN Mail has been developed to be easy to use and will not require any special knowledge of HTML to create and send your first email Newsletter. The inbuilt WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor is no different than what you would be used to when sending a normal email or using a word processor (such as MS Word) with all the usual editing features such as changing Font, colour’s or making text Bold and italic etc.

You can immediately start using the inbuilt templates (Click & Replace Templates) or for advanced users, the option is available to ‘Copy & Paste’ your existing HTML code created in such products as Dream Weaver, Frontpage or any other similar product and directly in the WYSIWYG editor (Change to HTML view first).

Once you have created your first email Newsletter you can then reuse this as a template for future email Newsletter campaigns by using the “Save as New’ feature

Do I need a Website to make use of this service?

A Website is not required to use this Email Newsletter service. Your images and documents (Such as PDF Brochures) can be uploaded to your account within KVN Mail and be accessed by your potential clients. We recommend to have website to add website link in email newsletter to read more details there.

Can I include social media updates when I send a message?

Yes, you can have your messages provide social updates on your twitter,facebook and linkedin account when sending your messages. These can be sent instantly with the message or at a scheduled later time. You have to add social media icons manually, you can also add facebook “Likes’ to your messages to increase traffic and market visibility.

What information is contained in the Email Campaign statistic?

The Campaign Statistics reports provide you with a wealth of information about the performance of your campaigns, and tools to manage and improve that performance over time. There is a lot of information contained within the Email Campaign Statistics and the following is a brief guide to what’s available, and what it all means.

Do I have to give any payment to take advantage of the demo?

No. Payment is not required when signing up for the free demo account

How do I upgrade my account from a Demo Account to an Active account?

Once you have registered your demo account, you will get an email with access details to your registered email id. In doing so you agree to our Terms and Conditions and agree to get KVN Mail services as per CAN SPAM Act

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